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Web Development Pricing

Web Development Pricing

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  • Website Pages
  • Basic SEO
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Website Banners
  • Malware Protection
  • Basic Website Security
  • Google Analytics
  • CMS
  • E-Commerce
  • Payments Gateways (paypal)
  • Blog
  • Website Maintenance


Rs. 20,000
  • 5
  • 3
  • 2 Months


Rs. 50,000
  • upto 20
  • 10
  • 8 Months


Q1: Does Techdevout offers web hosting services as well?

Ans: Yes, we provide website hosting to our clients as well. Please contact us at or call us at +923244004166 to get our pricing on web hosting services.


Q2: Which software will be used for Basic SEO of my website?

Ans: For SEO purpose Yoast SEO free version will be used for starter and professional packages and the premium version will be used for the executive package worth 89$ but you would not be charged for this premium version


Q3: What is the benefit of website speed optimization?

Ans: Speed optimization is done to decrease the load time for any website, which will eventually have an impact on user-friendliness, and search engine ranking improve eventually. The faster the speed, the happier the visitor!




Q4: Do I automatically get malware protection for my website?

Ans: Starter package doesn’t contain malware protection but professional and executive packages will offer 6 months of malware protection to keep your website safe.



Q5: Which analytics would I get?

Ans: Starter package only includes google analytics. However, Professional and Executive packages include google analytics & Facebook pixel installation as well which helps in gaining insights and retargeting your visitors.


Q6: I want an e-commerce website for my business, which package should I select?

Starter package doesn’t include e-commerce website. In the professional package we can add up to 20 products & For the executive package, we can add up to 30 products in the client’s website. So, if you need to build an e-commerce website, you need to choose from the professional or executive package.


Q7: Would you write content for my blog as well?

A blog will be included in all packages but content needs to be provided by the client. We can provide writing services for extra charges if the client needs some articles written for the blog.



Q8: How would my clients pay me on my website?

Ans: As mentioned earlier that starter package doesn’t include e-commerce websites so payment adding options won’t be included in the starter package. For professional and executive packages, we can add almost all the payment options including PayPal, apple pay, debit and credit card payments so they can receive online payments.  

Q9: Which services will I get in website maintenance?

Website maintenance includes uploading of any data, slight changes in design, posting new blog posts (provided by client) or any error that is causing any issue in page loading.

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