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How to Use Social Media for Business Promotion.

28 Oct
how to use social media for business growth

Everyone uses Social Media for their personal use and it’s pretty much simple. We like and comment the posts of our Friends and Family and we post cute Pictures and Videos on our profile, easy huh?

Nope, it’s different for a business. Then the question arises “How to use Social Media for Business?”

First Let me explain to you what social media is and how it is meant to be used for business.

How to use Social Media for Business

It’s called “Social Media” for a reason. You are supposed to be social, so be sure to interact with your fans and followers by responding and sharing their content.

Back in the days when there was no Facebook or Twitter or any social networking website, people used to meet family and friends to discuss their life and socialize.

The media part consisted of TV, Books, Radio, and Movies where they fed on content. When both these aspects of life got together, “Social Media” was born.

People not only consume data (NEWS, Movies, exciting Information, etc.) on social media, they tend to share interesting things with people they are connected.

Now it’s a two-way street.

Now if you are still using it as a one-way road, you got the whole idea wrong.  You might be doing well on posting great content on your business pages, but if you are not engaging with your audience, you are losing them.

A Common Mistake While Using Social Media For Business.

A lot of business owners make a common mistake of thinking Social media like a marketing platform for their business in which they are merely trying to push their promotional content to the audience.

It is not only for marketing your products. Think of your business page as your Marketing, Public relation, and Customer Care department.

Here are some points on how to use Social Media for business branding and promotion.


  1. Engage with your audience:

The main difference between Online and offline marketing is the ability of a person to interact with the ad, hence interacting with the business.

If you are not leveraging this feature for your benefit, why are you using Social media marketing in the first place?

People won’t interact with your content if you are not making it engaging. Yes — you need to curate engaging content for social media for business.

You can create engaging content by:

Asking Question Related to your Industry.

  • Creating videos (Videos have the most engagement)
  • Making “Edutaining Content” (That focuses on educating as well as entertaining your followers)
  • Designing Giveaways.

These are some of the ways that you can leverage to drive engagements to your social media pages.

What if you don’t post engaging stuff?

Facebook as one of the biggest social media site has been lowering its organic reach from the past several years. The latest updates made it the lowest of all times.

The organic reach these days in around 1%—2.5%, which means if you have 1 Million followers on your Facebook page your post will be seen by only 10K to 25K followers.

But when people start engaging with your post, Facebook’s algorithm will remove that reach Cap.

So, either you are making engaging content for your social media pages, or you are spending big Bucks on Paid Advertising. The Choice is yours.


  1. Be proactive to complaints:

If a customer is complaining something about any problem, he faced with your product or sharing a bad experience that he encountered in the last visit to your business place. Listen to it, address it and solve it as soon as possible.

It will not only help you maintain your reputation online; people will notice that you really care for your customers.

Those loyal clients would do the rest for you by sharing their stories on social media and with their friends in their meetings. Who does not like free publicity? Don’t you?

But what if you don’t listen to their complaints on Social Media because you don’t care about a bunch of Unhappy customers.

Only 4% of Unhappy customers would speak up to business regarding their bad experience. So, what does it mean?

It means that if you have 10 bad reviews on your social media profiles, you have got more than 250 unsatisfied customers. Those who don’t complain, almost 90% of them would never come back.  (SOURCE: Huffington Post)

How to use social media for business - Listen to your unhappy clients.


So you need to show that you care about your customers and you would do anything to rectify their problems.

This simple act of showing that you care can save you hundreds of unsatisfied clients and thousands of Dollars due to losing customers.


  1. Give them what everyone needs – Attention:

We as a human being crave attention, and everyone likes to be noticed by everyone around us.  If you genuinely find anything interesting that your follower posted, give it a thumbs up; want to add something? Simply Comment.

If your followers comment on any of your posts, make sure to read and reply to all of them.

Not only It will make your fans feel special, but it will be a trigger for social media sites as well that your page has more engagement than the rest so your Organic reach will increase in turn.


  1.  Ask your followers for advice:

Let’s say you are going to make a decision about your business that may affect your clients as well, ask them for what they think is best.

How to use social media for business – Ask for advice

Something like opening a new franchise in a different area or adding a new dish to your restaurant’s menu. What will you get in return? – Free Market research.

You can create polls on Social media to ask for your followers’ opinion.

Just remember – people don’t like to be sold. If you connect with your followers, they would always prefer doing business with you over your competitors.


  1. Giveaways or contests:

One of the best things you can do to engage your audience on social media is to do monthly Giveaways or Contests. Not only your fans will engage with your social media pages, but they will tell their Friends as well through sharing and tagging.

You can offer monthly giveaways to the most active members of the page. Don’t worry; you don’t have to analyze every post for determining most active person on your page – There are specific apps available to do that for you. And yes, some are free as well.

How to use social media for business – Monthly giveaways


You can also organize quiz or photo contests on social media pages while offering free gifts to the winners. It’s okay if you don’t know how this stuff work, only discuss it with your Digital Marketing agency, handling your social media for business marketing. They will make it happen for you.


The relation of your brand with your fans should be a positive one. If you make your followers spend more time on your business page with these tactics, they will.

Be social – don’t be that kind of pushy salesperson who always forces people into buying from him. We as a human being hate to be sold, and we always do business with people we like so don’t make your business pages like that salesman.

Cultivate relations and see your business grow exponentially. It is all about how to use social media for business.


So you want to share anything that we can add to this article? Share your thoughts and experience with us as well in the comments below.


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