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Social Media Marketing Tip Five

28 Oct

Social media marketing Tip # 5: Don’t post about religion or politics in social media. You risk offending your best followers.

If you are that kind of person who is in love with his religion, or you have a very strong affiliation with a certain political party, that’s great. I believe that everyone should have his own beliefs and there is no problem with that.

You want to preach your beliefs to others? – That’s still fine.

But do it on your personal profile where there are only your close friends and family members, social media pages for your business are not a place to advertise your personal opinion.

But I asked you to engage with your clients on social media and post content other than your marketing posts, right?

Yes, I did. But posting anything that’s a controversial or something that can hurt anyone else’s beliefs is never a good thing for you or your business.

Not convinced?

Let me show you the consequences of doing such things on your social media pages.

  • Your most loyal customers might leave you:

Suppose you are a PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) fan and you keep posting negative comments or conspiracy theories about PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz) and some of your loyal customers are supporters of Nawaz Shareef.

You know what will happen.

They are going to unlike your page or simply never do business with you again.

Or if you are from US and you hate Trump. Spreading hatred against trump will do the trick. Those clients or prospects who voted for him will eventually leave your page for good.

You might be right but do you think consequences are worth the risk?

Probably never.

  • You might lose your business page:

Yes, it can happen. Spreading hate speech about any religion, sect or a group of people might get your business pages blocked from social media.

These social media websites have certain rules about hate speech and if they find your content against their laws, you are going to be permanently banned from social media website.

Ever thought about all your social media marketing efforts going in vein because of a little mistake?

What about your 100,000 followers on facebook?

What about all that effort to grow your pages?

What about all the money you spent on advertising or hiring a Digital marketing agency?

Simple answer – Not worth it.


  • The best thing to waste your time:

If you or someone you know is involved in posting these controversial things on their personal profile or business pages.

You must have noticed one thing – They are always arguing with people on social media.

If you don’t have a business to run or even a job, it’s the best way to kill your time. But, if you are a business owner and posting such stuff on your social media pages, you are doing a fantastic job.


You are not only annoying your customers and prospects, you are wasting your precious time as well.

In short, you are spending your time to make sure that people don’t come to you at all.


People use social media because they want to spend some time having fun and if they ever want anything political or religious, everybody have television and they absolutely know how to turn it on.

Still want people to like what you like?

Be a NEWS Anchor.

Want people to accept your religion or sect?

Be a pundit or a priest or a Maulana and start preaching (Of course according to your religion). Your business pages are not a way to do it.

Share your views!

Tell us your experience with people posting controversial stuff on social media.

What are your views about that?

Share your thoughts in comments below.

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