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Why You Should Never Undermine The Importance of online Reviews!

28 Oct
Importance of Online reviews for a business

Before showing you the importance of online reviews, I must show you how it all began. There was a time when people did business with others on the recommendations of their friends and family. Business owners in those days never had to worry about what others are saying about them because one unhappy customer wouldn’t be able to influence everyone.

When the Internet came, it changed the way we do business. It transferred the power from business owners to consumers.

The Importance of reviews for your business

“A Brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is. It’s what consumers tell each other it is.”

Now we have a powerful weapon in our hand through which either we can promote the businesses we like or destroy the image of another business. You know what that is? It’s “Online Customer Reviews“. The importance of online reviews is so much that it can determine how long a business can survive.

Wanna know how? Let me show you.

The Importance of Online Reviews — Case Study:


It might be a little difficult to understand how customer feedback can affect your business without a reference so I am going to make it simple with an example of a Restaurant “La Atrium”.

Here is what they claim to be in front of their customers on social media:

La Atrium's (Restaurant) Facebook Introduction


Great copywriting huh? You can brag about your brand or product all the day but when it comes to what your brand really is, social media have got a lot of ways to screw you over!

Now let me show you some examples of how powerful a consumer’s perspective is, and how it can influence other people on the Internet and social media.

Here you go.

LaAtrium Lahore Social Media Review


It’s an Online review of a customer who has been there. Let me show some more.


LaAtrium Lahore Facebook review


Just one more review. It will demonstrate you why social media is called so, if people find anything interesting they would share them with hundreds of friends, they have on Facebook, Twitter or whichever social media they are using.


LaATrium review on Facebook


Would anyone visit after Reading these Bad Reviews?


In this case, people who might be planning to go to this restaurant and when they stumbled upon this Online review, started tagging their friends and “BOOOOOMM”.

The restaurant loses business and not only one time. When someone will see these reviews and decide not to visit this restaurant, they are losing business and the worst thing is, these Facebook reviews will stay on the page “FOREVER.”

Now – just think about if you were planning to go to La-Artium with your friends or family and you suddenly came across these reviews. Would you go to that place? Probably not. At least I would never go there if I were you.

I know, stating the problem is not enough. Let us show you what you can do if your business gets in such situation.


What La-Atrium did wrong:


The biggest mistake La-Atrium did here is to assume that their social media accounts are just for marketing their place and you should never Underestimate the importance of Online Reviews.

Social media is not only used for marketing but for customer service and support and public relation for your business as well.

They might have gained hundreds and thousands of new followers by sponsored ads but in reality, they paid Facebook so people will know how bogus their services are.

It’s like paying Facebook to advertise that people shouldn’t visit them ever.

Why would anyone do that?


What should LaAtrium do?


They should take these comments & reviews seriously, focus on what their customers are saying about them, and identify the real problem. One or two people can be wrong but if hundred people complained about something common, you need to change it.

If your service is poor or staff is not professional – Train them like professionals.

If the problem is taste or quality of food – Work on making it better.


The digital marketing agency you are working with is supposed to tell you these things. In case they are not informing you about these issues, you need to search a better digital marketing agency.

How to turn Bad Reviews into Good Reviews?


Let’s assume that you have realized the importance of online reviews and you are ready to turn your bad reviews into the good reviews. I am going to you a simple 5 step formula through which you can convert more than 80% of your bad feedback into the good one.

  1.  Look at the problems your clients faced and eliminate those things so no one should experience   them again.
  2.  Tell those people that you are sorry about their experience and you have improved your services   through their feedback.
  3. Give them a discount voucher for their next visit so they will come to your place.
  4.  Make sure they have a good time when they visit.
  5.  At the end of their visit, ask them to review your business again according to their present  experience.


By this strategy, you would not only replace more than 80% of bad reviews in good reviews but you will get a lot of loyal customers for you. And you know what loyal customers do?


  • Loyal customers would go out of their way to do business with you.
  • They would never choose your competitor over you.
  • Loyal clients would tell everyone about your business/company.


A book “Voice of Customer marketing” written by Ernan Roman’s heralded revealed that if you resolve the complaint immediately, 95% of complaining customers would do business with you again.

Are you convinced about the Importance of Online Reviews? Do you have any bad online reviews for your business? Would you practice any of the ideas to improve your reviews?

Let us know your thoughts on this article. Do you have anything to add?

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