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Do you want 15+ new listings and leads every month for your Real Estate Business?

We are a result-driven Digital Marketing Agency and we ensure a positive ROI.

To prove our claim, we are offering Free Social Media Marketing Services for a whole
month. If you don’t get the desired results, there is no Legal Obligation to continue working
with us.

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2018/03/31 20:03:07

Our Recent Ad Campaign For a Client

We ran Facebook ads for a client recently and by spending only $2000, we were able to generate $162,053 solely from the Facebook Ads in only 8 days!

What Will We Do?

  • Define Your Ideal Client.
  • Define an offer as a hook to your client.
  • Make a landing page on your website for that offer.
  • Make a Facebook ad for that offer.
  • Track the Analytics and Optimize your Facebook ad to
    get more conversions in less budget.
  • Once the ad is giving desired results, scale the ad for
    more conversions/leads.
  • Repeat for next offer.

What We Require of You?

Define Your Ideal Client

First of all, you need to give us your ideal client persona that will help us target the right audience for your ads. This persona might include who is your ideal client, where does he live, what he does for a living, his net income, and where he lives etc.

Help us define an offer for your ideal client

Nobody knows about your business better than you So, you need to help us define an offer that your ideal client would be interested in. This offer will serve as a hook to catch leads/clients for your business.

Access to your website and your Facebook ads manager

To make a Landing page on your website and to make and edit ads for your business, we would require access to your website and facebook ad account.

Reasonable Marketing Budget

Our Services are FREE but you have to give a reasonable budget to run your ads. It will be determined by how much a single lead is worth to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: What if I don’t get the Desired Results with your FREE Social Media Services?

Ans: It is highly unlikely that you don’t get good results when you are working with us. If you still feel at the end of the FREE month that you are not getting profits from your ads, you are free to end the contract at any time. There is not Legal Obligation to continue working with us after the FREE Month.

Q2: Is there any legal obligation to work after the Free Month?

Ans: No, you are not bound to work with us after the FREE Month.

Q3: How much will you Charge after the FREE First Month?

Ans: Our Charges are Very Nominal. We charge a Retainer Monthly Fee between $500 to $800. Basically, you will be paying us with the profits we will be generating for you.

Q4: How to Get started?

Ans: Fill the form below and register for this OFFER and one of our representatives will contact you for Further Guidance.

Q5: Why are you offering free social media marketing Services?

Ans: Well, we believe that small businesses and Entrepreneurs have the potential to change the world and they should be given equal opportunities to excel. That’s the reason we are offering free social media marketing services for one month so we can help them reach up to their full potential.

Q6: I am not a realtor, Can i still get the same results with your Free Social Media Marketing Services?

Ans: Yes, We work with a number of Services Industries so if you are not a realtor, there is nothing to worry. You can still apply and get the same results with our Free Social Media Marketing Services.

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