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7 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan That Can Make You Rich

05 Jul
Small businesses to start from home

Starting your own business is a very challenging yet very satisfying venture that you are ever going to do. Have a quick look at the history of humankind, what do you think our ancestors were?

Entrepreneurs or job seeking slaves?

Did they have any corporate companies or governments to get jobs?

They were entrepreneurs. They had to hunt and grow crops to survive, that was the only way to survive.

Humans were made to be entrepreneurs; it’s in our very nature to be our own boss.

Then why do people want jobs?

Well, when we look at the history, majority of people were doing their own business. It was after the late 18th century when a couple of industries and governments decided to employ people as laborers to expand their own empires. The security of a permanent job and benefits like pension enticed people to get jobs that they hate.

Now when there is an excess of employees, companies stopped offering benefits like pension plans and permanent jobs.

Now, when a student goes to a college or university to get the education, he is not doing it for the sake of getting useful skills but for the sake of getting a job in the future. Starting a successful business today is like a very big achievement that one can get.

There are two main issues with the youth of Pakistan while starting a business. Lack of a good business idea and a lack of money to kick-start the project.

Isn’t it the reason you are here looking for small business ideas that you can start in Pakistan? – Right?

So, here’s the list of small business ideas in Pakistan that you can start in very low investment with high profits.

Sounds interesting huh? – Let’s start with our first idea.


Small Business Ideas in Pakistan #1 Wedding Planning business:


A wedding is a very special day for bride and groom that comes once in a lifetime. Yeah, some people marry more than once but not everyone is Imran Khan or Shahbaz Shareef, lol 😀

Well, the point is that Pakistani’s spend way too much on their wedding because “Log Kya Kahenge”


Small Business ideas in Pakistan #1 Wedding planning business


So, those people who lack the time and skill to plan these events hire wedding planners to do all the work.



To start a small wedding planning business you require

  • Your company Website to show your services and portfolio to your potential clients.
  • A Facebook business page to reach your audience.
  • Small Marketing budget to start reaching your audience through ads.
  • Connections in the catering, decoration and wedding halls/marquee business to provide these services.
  • A small office.
  • Portfolio of your past work to show your clients.


Total investment required:

  • Website development: $300 — $500
  • Advertising Budget for 6 months: $600
  • Office rent for six months: $500 — $900 ( Depending upon location and size)

Total Investment:  $1400 — $2000


Pro Tip: To make good connections in the industry, you can do an internship at a well-known wedding planning service provider. This way, you will have experience, portfolio, and connection in the industry prior to starting your business.


Small Business Ideas in Pakistan#2 Freelancing Business:


If you are one of those people who is searching continuously on google about “Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan” then you are in the right place because freelancing is one of the best businesses that you can start from home today!

Do you know how much freelancers from Pakistan earn collectively? Any idea?

Okay – let me tell you…

Pakistan’s total freelance exports collectively make $1.3 Billion. Yes, it’s Billion with a “B”.

Do you know how much money that is?

As a desi, whenever we hear the word Dollar, we instantly start multiplying it to find out the exact amount in Pakistani rupees. As of today, the exact amount in Pakistani rupee is Rs. 110,695,000,000.


Freelance Business - Best business ideas in pakistan


The question now is that how much can you earn through your freelancing business?

That depends on your skills. You can earn from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 300,000 monthly with freelancing.

If you have one of these following skills, you can start earning through freelancing today:

  • Graphics Designing.
  • Video Editing.
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Online research.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Website Development.
  • App Development.
  • Data Entry.
  • Article Writing.

Freelance websites:

Here is the list of freelance websites that you can go to and start working today:

  1. Upwork
  2. Toptal
  3. Fiver
  4. People per hour
  5. 99 designs
  6. Simply Hired
  7. Freelance writing gigs.


To start earning money from your freelancing business, you need:

  1. Laptop
  2. Good Internet connection.
  3. A Cup of Chai, 3 times a day 😀

Investment Required:

  • Laptop: $300 – $500.
  • Internet Connection: $10 – $25/Month.
  • Chai/Coffee: $20 per month

Total Investment Required: $330 — $545


Pro Tip: A lot of people who start a freelancing business from their home leave it after a few days just because they didn’t get any clients through freelancing. What should you do in that situation?

The key to success in this situation is persistence and competitive rates. When I was a student, I started freelancing as an article writer on ODesk (old name of Upwork).

In the first few days, I applied a lot of jobs but didn’t hear back from any of the clients but I never stopped applying for the jobs and offered my services in very low rates and got a job eventually in $1 for a full 500 words article but eventually, those numbers started growing.

When I left freelance writing as a business, I was charging $50 for an article of the same length. There are no shortcuts to success, keep going and you will eventually get to the top.


Successfull small business


Small Business Ideas in Pakistan #3 Real estate business:


If you are an introvert like me who doesn’t like a lot of social interaction outside my social circle, this business might not be the best fit for you. However, if you are one of those, people who are very social and love to meet and interact with new people every single day then this business might be a gold mine for you.


Small business ideas - Real estate business


As you know Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and trying to make its way to become one of the developed countries. Big Cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Multan are exploding with population because there are a lot of job opportunities in these cities so people are moving to these cities from the remote areas.

Along with an increasing population, there comes a high demand for housing to accommodate all these migrants.

If you ever thought “How to start my own business”, it’s the best time for you to start a real estate business.

You must be wondering that you don’t have enough money to start your own real estate agency, right?


Start a small business with no money


Let me tell you something. You don’t need a huge investment to become a real estate agent. Start with becoming an agent and you can easily climb your way up to owning a big real estate agency.

How much can a real estate agent earn?

There are mainly two types of transactions in the real estate market. You can deal in sale and purchase of houses, plots and commercial properties or you can deal in renting houses, single portions and apartments.

You can do both as well because there is no restriction.

When you finalize a sale/purchase deal of any sort of property, you get 1% commission from the buyer and 1% commission from the seller.

So, how much do you exactly get?

Let’s suppose you sold a property of Rs. 1 Crore. You will get Rs. 1 Lac from the seller and Rs. 1 lac from the buyer in the form of commission.

If you can make 2 lac from a single deal, how much would you earn if you can do 2 deals in a month? Or 4? Or even 10?

You got my point, didn’t you?

If you deal in rental properties, the commission you get is a whopping 50%. Yes, you heard me right; it’s 50% from both sides.

To put that in perspective, if you rent out a home of Rs. 50,000, you will get Rs. 25,000 from both sides. So, on a rental deal of Rs. 50,000 you also get Rs. 50,000.

Yes, it’s less amount as compared to selling properties but you can do more rental deals in a month as compared to selling deals. You don’t have to choose only one, you can do both!



To start earning from your real estate business, you need:

  • A lot of Contacts.
  • Friendly and helping attitude.
  • One small Diary to keep track of all the leads.
  • A website (only if you want to stand out of the crowd)

</div >


  • Good Contacts: $0
  • Friendly and Helping attitude: $0
  • Small Diary: $1 — $2
  • Website: $300-$500

Total Investment: $1 — $502


Pro Tip: To start this business, all you have to do is go to a real estate agent’s office and ask them for using their office. You can either agree on a percentage of every deal you make there or you can pay them a small amount of money just to use their name and office.

I would prefer paying a monthly amount so you don’t have to share a big chunk of your earnings but it depends on you to choose whatever you like.


Small Business Ideas in Pakistan #4: E-Commerce Store


Most of the people are familiar with what e-commerce is but some of you might now have an idea.  The “e-commerce” is selling your products online through websites or social media.


Ecommerce Store - Small business ideas in pakistan


You don’t have to open your shop in an expensive mall to start selling what you have to offer. Internet and social media have made it too easy to start your own business without having to invest millions.

Pakistan’s e-commerce market is around $100 million – $150 Million but the growth rate big enough, it’s estimated that it’s going to be about $1 Billion by the year 2020.

Recently, China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group have acquired at about $150 million. What that means is Pakistan’s e-commerce market is going to expand very soon and if you want to take a piece of the pie, you need to hurry up.

When it comes to what you can sell online, it’s a matter of what your passion is. Don’t start any business for the sake of money only, if you do so you are going to fail eventually. Here are some of the ideas about what you can sell through the internet:

  • If you are passionate about technology and electronics, you can sell mobiles, laptops, other electronics or accessories online.
  • You can sell homemade food online to office going people if you love cooking.
  • If you can make handmade embroidery or maybe custom quilts, you can sell them online.
  • You can sell printed T-Shirts or mugs online.
  • If you are good at arts like painting, you can sell your art online.
  • If you can make natural/herbal beauty products, you can sell them online.

I think you got my point. You can sell pretty much anything online you can think of.

Suggestion: What is Digital Marketing? & the benefits of Digital Marketing 


To start your e-commerce business from home, you need:

  • A Website (optional) to show your products to the customers and to get orders there.
  • Your Facebook page to get your customers to the website.
  • Links to the wholesale dealers in your niche to get products at the cheap rates if you are selling products that you can’t make yourself.
  • A small marketing budget to show ads to your prospects to drive sales.
  • Contract with a courier company who will deliver your products on cash on delivery (COD) as people in Pakistan are more comfortable with COD.


To start working on this small business idea in Pakistan, you need:

Total Investment: $621 


Pro Tip: Getting a customer through advertising is always costly than retaining a customer. So, the profit actually lies in returning customer.

Whenever you get a new client through advertising, make sure to save their data and make a good relationship with the customer. There is nothing like a loyal customer to provide them with great customer service if you want to make money in the e-commerce business.

If you have less budget for your eCommerce store, always go for Shopify as you only have to pay$9 a month. On the contrary, if you choose WordPress or Magento for your eCommerce store, you might have to spend a minimum of $300 for making your eCommerce website.

I like WordPress as it gives you more control but If I am running low on cash, I would certainly choose Shopify.

Suggested: How to Start an eCommerce Business

Small Business Ideas in Pakistan #5 Sports Training business:


In the field of business, it’s a very popular belief that you must do what you love. Ever thought why?

Here is a spoiler alert:

Business is going to be too goddamn difficult for you in the first two years that if you don’t love what your business is, you are going to shut your doors at the earliest possible opportunity.

This small business idea is for all those sports enthusiasts who love to play all the time. Are you a sports freak? – This business idea might be one of the best business ideas for you.

It doesn’t matter which sports you like the most, you can always find people who are interested in what you have to offer.


Sports training business - Small startup ideas in pakistan


You can transform this small business idea into a very huge business if you do it right. These kinds of businesses require personal branding, so you will have to make yourself a brand. Sports enthusiasts won’t come to you because you have a fancy training academy in a posh area like DHA or Bahria town if you have made yourself as an influencer in your relevant field you are going to be in demand.

In three simple steps I am going to show you how to be an influencer in the sports training and if you do it right, your chances of success will skyrocket.


Step#1 Organize free training camps in your area:

Whichever sports you are in, you need to get some people to train from you because if no one knows you, who is going to pay you for training?

Three to four days training camps are a good way to attract interested people. It will not only help you to attract your future clients but it will also help you to perfect your training methodologies and techniques.


Step#2 Convert those prospects to paying clients:

At the end of your free training camp, tell all your trainees to get registered in your two to three months training program.

I know what you are thinking, not all of them would be your paying clients, right?

Yes, not all of them would pay you for your training program but if you get between 20-50% of the total attendees, you are doing great.

This will help you get money in the short run to keep your business going.

Step#3 Become an influencer:

Now when you have some money coming into your business, it’s the time to become an influencer.

Take advantage of the digital media and use them to make a community around your niche. Share tips and tricks on your social media page and groups to keep your audience engaged and to become a go-to person for your industry/sports.

Once you become famous in your niche, people will always prefer you to your competitors who are only in it for money.


Small Business Ideas in Pakistan # 6: Adventure Travel Club

This is one of the small business ideas in Pakistan for those of you who love to travel. What if I told you that from now on, you don’t have to pay a single dime to travel?

In fact, people will pay you real cash for traveling.


Adventure Club business - Startup ideas in pakistan


Don’t be too excited, you will have to take those people with you as well 😀

It’s one of the best businesses to start for a travel fanatics. The adventure club business includes different events like camping, water rafting, rock climbing, paragliding and taking people to exotic locations.

Whenever we Pakistani’s want to travel, one place instantaneously comes in mind i.e. “MURREE”. Don’t even think about that, people can go there themselves.

As a travel adventure club, what you need is to find those places that are not so well known but great for adventure. That’s how you are going to position yourself differently in the market.


To start your own adventure club, you need to:

  • Come up with the name of your club.
  • Build a website to show your portfolio and what your clients are saying about you but the website is not mandatory. If you don’t want to invest in website building in the start, that’s totally fine.
  • Make a Facebook page to show your activities through social media.
  • Small Marketing budget to attract like-minded people to use your services.
  • Make connections is travel agencies, hotels, resorts, and guest houses so you can get discounts on traveling, food and stay.


Total Investment Required:

  • Website development: $300 $500
  • Marketing budget: $600
  • Making a Facebook Page: $ 0.00
  • Making Connections: $ 0.00

Total Investment: $900 – $1100


Pro Tip:  As I said earlier, “Retaining an old client is always cheaper than getting a new client through advertisement”. With the advertising budget, your focus should be to attract new clients to your business but the profitability of your business would depend on how good are you at making good relations.

If you can build great relations with your clients, you don’t have to spend money on advertising because loyal customers would come to you again and again.


Small Business Ideas in Pakistan # 7 Blogging:

If you are searching for small business ideas in Pakistan that you can start from your home, this might be one of the best ideas for you.

You don’t need a lot of investment for making a blog and earning money from that but you definitely need a certain level of skill and patience to start earning from your blog.


Small business ides in pakistan - Blogging


The reason why it’s different from all other small business ideas is the fact that in other businesses, you need to wait for less time to make money and you will have to continuously work to make money from them.

In blogging, you might have to wait for a long time before you even start to make money. But, when you have enough articles and traffic on your site you will continue to make money even if you don’t work on your blog. Isn’t it cool?

Here is what you need to earn from your blog:

  1. Choose a Niche:

If you are starting a blog alone or with 2 or 3 friends, always choose a highly targeted niche that you are passionate about. If you try to choose a broad topic for your blog, you might not have the time and resources to work on that blog.

Let’s suppose that you are passionate about football and you want to start a blog for Football NEWS. Now ask yourself, is it even realistic for one person to write about football NEWS around the world with more than 25 major leagues? or you can do better if you can specialize in a single league and make your blog around that?


2. Write SEO Optimized articles:

Once you have selected your niche, now the next step is to start writing articles for your blog.  Don’t just write about any topic, Learn SEO first and make your content around those keywords which are already being searched.

If you don’t keep searched terms in mind, no one will read your blog so if you really wanna earn from your blog keep your articles SEO optimized.


Suggestion: A Beginner’s Guide to Visual Content Marketing and it’s Importance


3. Monetize your blog:

Once you have a good amount of regular visitors coming to your blog, it’s time to monetize your blog. You can choose from advertising programs like Google Adsense or you can start promoting affiliate links to different products and you get a commission on every sale.



  • Good English writing skills.
  • Passion about a specific niche/industry.
  • Website/Blog.

Investment Required:

Total Investment Required: $300 – $500



Although I have written these ideas by keeping the Pakistani market in mind, these ideas are universal. Some of the details might vary but these ideas will definitely give you a good perspective on how to start your small business even if you are living in the United States (U.S) or Canada or any other country of the world.

We love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any questions, thought or suggestion in the comments below.

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Usama Shahzad


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      I have written some of the ideas here in detail. However, if you can’t make up your mind about any business idea for your own startup, I would encourage you to evaluate yourself and your interests and then think of what you can do. It’s not about having a great idea, it’s about execution and persistence and a lot of other factors. Bottom line “Do what you love”.

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